Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Top three must-have storage solutions for your kitchen

Wood Crest offers a wide variety of cabinet storage solutions. All have been designed to pull completely out to reveal the entire contents of your cabinet giving you complete visibility and instant accessibility!

Cutlery Tray

Cutlery trays hold more than just forks and we get that. For a truly efficient drawer that houses both cutlery and your cooking utensils, we recommend the tiered cutlery drawer. The top cutlery tier rolls back to reveal the utensils below. This is so handy to have next to the stove!

Waste Bin

Having one central location to manage your waste and recycling is handy! We realize that everyone manages their waste differently and that’s why we have several configurations to choose from.

Roll-out Shelves

Roll-out shelves are our most popular storage solution. Whether in a pantry or base cabinet, roll-out shelves glide out with ease allowing you to take stock of our cabinets in an instant!