Scott McGillivray Partnership

Scott McGillivray Partnership

Meet Scott McGillivray

“With over two decades of renovation experience, I’ve learned just how important kitchen cabinets are. With Wood Crest Cabinetry, I get style, design, and organization flexibility at a great price, and the comfort of knowing it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee.”

Scott McGillivray

A well-recognized and respected HGTV personality, Scott has experienced huge success as a renovation expert on shows including Income Property, Moving the McGillivrays, Buyers Bootcamp, and most recently, Scott’s Vacation House Rules. Plus, he also has a hit digital series called Scott’s House Call.

As a real estate investor and trusted contractor, Scott McGillivray’s name has become synonymous with value, quality, and return on investment for Canadians. We are excited to announce that Wood Crest Cabinetry is a trusted partner of Scott McGillivray.

When it comes to making smart home renovation decisions, Scott knows where and how to get the biggest return, whether it’s adding value to your investment or investing in your forever home. Scott understands the importance of quality, functional design, and bringing organization into a space, and that is why he consistently incorporates these elements into his renovations capturing the everyday needs and desires of homeowners. 

Proudly made in Canada and sold exclusively at select Home Hardware locations, we are pleased to have Scott use our products and stand behind the Wood Crest name.

Wood Crest is a Trusted Partner of Scott McGillivray.

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